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My Virgo Friend

Dec 31, 2020

  • Breath work & Affirmations
    • I am...
  • “The Signs & the Stars”- Cancer Full Moon and Capricorn SZN
    • Cold Moon aka Full Moon in Cancer vibes
    • Cancer= the Mother, home, nurture self, family, rejuvenate, healing
    • Celebrate with water: baths, hydrate, cry, orgasm, go to the water, etc.
    • Emotional baggage to be released....

Dec 23, 2020

  • Breath work & Affirmations
    • I am financially powerful.
  • “The Signs & the Stars”-  Capricorn SZN
    • What is your definition of being “financially powerful” and “successful”?
    • Capricorn SZN energy- wealth, status, structure, tradition, family, “get money!”
    • Cancer Full moon energy- water energy= intuitive,...

Dec 17, 2020

  • Breathwork & Affirmations
  • “The Signs & the Stars”
    • Sagittarius energy- expansion, luck, optimism, fortune, travel, philosophy
    • Sagittarius new moon energy & Solar Eclipse energy
    • December 21st- The Great Conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter aka Winter Solstice
  • “The Feels & the Vibes”
    • What areas of your life has the...

Dec 3, 2020

  • "The Signs & the Stars"
    • Sagittarius energy
    • Gemini full moon energy
    • Lunar Eclipse energy 
  • “The Feels & the Vibes”- Lunar eclipse and full moon in Gemini on Monday 11/30
    • How has this energy affected you?
    • What final realization/ harsh truth have you accepted?
    • What “it is what it is” moment have you had
      • If...

Nov 25, 2020

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· “The Signs & the Stars”-  Jeezy vs. Gucci verzuz review

o Jeezy’s & Gucci’s natal chart overview

o My opinion on their sign placements observed through their artistry

o Beef reconciliation= lunar eclipse energy

·  “The Feels & the Vibes”- Lunar eclipse and...