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My Virgo Friend

Nov 25, 2020

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· “The Signs & the Stars”-  Jeezy vs. Gucci verzuz review

o Jeezy’s & Gucci’s natal chart overview

o My opinion on their sign placements observed through their artistry

o Beef reconciliation= lunar eclipse energy

·  “The Feels & the Vibes”- Lunar eclipse and...

Nov 18, 2020

Breathwork & Affirmations:

 I love myself.

 I trust myself.

 I forgive myself.

 I give myself permission.

· “The Signs & the Stars”-  11/11 energy and angel numbers

o Scorpio season moving into Sagittarius season

o Shift from shadow work energy to optimistic and hopeful energy; more faith

o Significance of angel...

Nov 12, 2020

  • Introduction
  • Breathwork & Affirmations
    • I love myself.
    • I trust myself.
    • I forgive myself.
    • I give myself permission.
  • “The Signs & the Stars”- New Moon in Scorpio energy
    • What is Scorpio energy?
    • Learning your natal chart (i.e. moon sign, rising sign, etc.)
    • Past trauma/ issues resurfacing
    • Facing/ healing your wounded...