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My Virgo Friend

Jun 30, 2021

  • “The Signs & the Stars”- It’s Cancer SZN!
    • Happy Birthday, Cancers!!
    • Waning Gibbious Moon in Pisces= dreamy, sleepy, rest, fantasy, nurture
    • Water SZN= emotional, intuitive, sensitive, love, family
    • Still in Mercury Rx post shadow period
  • “The Feels & the Vibes”-
    • celebrate your birthday! Celebrate yourself!...

Jun 23, 2021

  • “The Signs & the Stars”- It’s Cancer SZN!
    • Happy Birthday to the June Cancers!!
    • Capricorn Full Moon on 6/24
    • Full Moon- Release, Let Go, Surrender, FORGIVE (yourself especially)
    • Mercury Rx post shadow period these next two weeks
    • Jupiter (Luck, Expansion, etc.) is now retrograde for 4 months until 10/18
  • “The...

Jun 21, 2021

  • “The Signs & the Stars”- Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Cancer SZN!
    • Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s!
    • First Day of Summer!
    • Sun is in Cancer, Moon is in Virgo
  • “The Feels & the Vibes”-
    • Moving from Airy & Social Gemini SZN to Moody & Possessive Cancer SZN
    • Praying for Divine Intervention; don’t rush the...

Jun 16, 2021


  • “The Signs & the Stars”- Last week of Gemini SZN
    • Moon & Mars is currently in Leo
    • Moving from spring to summer on Sunday June 20th
    • Mercury is STILL in retrograde, Eclipse energy still lingering
    • Moving from the Gemini New Moon to Cancer SZN & the Capricorn Full Moon
  • “The Feels & the Vibes”-
    • Gemini SZN=...

Jun 9, 2021

  • “The Signs & the Stars”- It’s still Gemini SZN
    • DUALITY is the theme. Exploring your shadow self vs your higher self
    • Happy Pride!
      • ”We outside this Summer” energy
    • Solar Eclipse on June 10th “Ring of Fire”
    • Mercury is now in RETROGRADE! Review, revisit, reset, rejuvenate, reinvent, etc.
      • “Go Back”...