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My Virgo Friend

Dec 1, 2021

  • Happy Sagittarius SZN! This episode will recap Scorpio SZN.
  • Scorpio SZN overview; ruled by Mars= masculine energy, work, power, sex, blood, sweat, tears
  • Theme of ego, sex, shadow work, repressed emotions, discovery, transformation
  • Is what I’m giving out giving me the security I want in return?
  • Enough placing your value in the palms of others
  • I’ve been holding MYSELF back this whole time. I am who I’ve been waiting for.
  • Make sure your stop-n-go is because of what YOU want to do
  • No more “this will do”…”this is good enough”
  • Healthy ego about yourself; don’t be so hard on yourself
  • You’re not doing too much…they’re just not doing enough.
  • Use all your gifts! Do ALL the things. Run YOUR race.
  • Be the highest