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My Virgo Friend

Dec 4, 2021

Episode Length:

  • Happy Sagittarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse
  • Sagittarius energy= fire element, masculine energy, hot, optimistic, fiery, passion, work, sweat, warm, action, bold, “go big or go home”, expansive energy, action oriented, lust, sex, ruled by Jupiter, “screw it let’s do it!” energy, Onward & Upward
  • New Moon= new energy, new relationships, new perspective, new beginnings, etc.
  • Solar Eclipse= Fated changes, catalyst energy, pivots and plot twists, unexpected endings
  • Holiday SZN and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)/ Depression; take care of yourself
  • Be mindful of overindulgence at this time. Fiery, feel good energy doing whatever it takes “just to feel good”.
  • Let go of the old to receive the new; has it served it’s purpose?
  • Write out your intentions to manifest with this Sagittarius New Moon
  • To manifest, you must believe it’s possible and you deserve it.
  • What lights you up? What makes you feel like Sunshine? Smile at the sun
  • What gives you fulfillment? What gives you satisfaction? What makes you feel good?
  • Solar plexus chakra= yellow, power center, your energy source
  • Sacral chakra= orange, creative/ sexual energy, enjoyment, fulfillment
  • What fills you up? Do you feel empty of life/ creativity? Do more of what fills you up.
  • Is your binge eating because of filling a void in your solar plexus/ sacral chakra?
  • What’s the investment? Is it worth it? Is it time to cut “it” off?
  • What do you want to expand at this time? Then let go of what you DON’T want to expand.
  • Believe you are divinely supported and divinely protected. No longer cast the energy “IF”. Believe. Embrace that Sagittarius optimism.
  • What gives me energy? What lights me up? What makes you feel like the Sun?
  • Beyonce not eating during the Homecoming documentary.
  • Mind your investments. Mind where you place your energy.
  • Believe you belong in your manifestation. Be clear and BELIEVE.