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My Virgo Friend

Dec 10, 2021

  • Sagittarius energy= fire element, masculine energy, hot, optimistic, fiery, passion, work, sweat, warm, action, bold, “go big or go home”, expansive energy, action oriented, lust, sex, ruled by Jupiter, “screw it let’s do it!” energy, Onward & Upward
  • Eclipse energy
  • Sick symptoms = Eclipse energy symptoms?
  • Don’t know what ya got ‘til it’s gone; how being sick/ debilitated reminds you of your health
  • Sagittarius rules the legs; movement, using your legs to take you places
  • Sagittarius symbolized by the Archer, Arrow- upward and onward
  • Bone Thugs N Harmony VERZUS Three 6 Mafia
  • Natal chart review for Bone Thugs N Harmony & Three 6 Mafia
  • Ja Rule VERZUS Fat Joe energy
  • Three 6 Mafia VERZUS energy
  • Bizzy Bone freaked out with his Virgo self!
  • They brought out Weezy F Baby! AND LIL JON!
  • Eclipse energy and symptoms; purging, releasing, expelling
  • Is 2021 the year to release your trauma bond?
  • Is it a trauma bond or is it for real?
  • What will be your year 2022 experience?
  • Sagittarius szn is Mutable Fire Energy with Mutable Air Full Moon in Gemini
  • The pain of realizing once you’ve outgrown someone (the fire is gone)
  • Peeping the shifty energy
  • Is the situation/ relationship worth fighting for?  
  • Focusing on your highest self; it’s time to “do the things”; ONWARD & UPWARD
  • What is your zone of genius?
  • Shine your light, so the people looking for you can find you
  • Closing remarks